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I'm happy to join you!

I joined fiverr 55 days ago. Still I didn’t get any order. I’ve seen someone’s video about fiverr community forum. After that I’m thinking it may help me. Then I’m here now and seen lots of tips and suggestion to improve.

And hope you guys will help me about,

  • what to do or not to do ?
  • how to Gig ranking ?
  • how to sale ?

Best wishes for you all.

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These are questions that can be answered by reading the Fiverr help section. You should not be asking us how to sell things on Fiverr, when the information is already available – written by Fiverr themselves – telling you exactly how to do this.

It is your responsibility, as a new freelancer, to read the materials Fiverr already provides for new sellers just like yourself. This link should be useful to you. Good luck.


Hello there @ansonalexbd. Welcome to the Forum. Glad you’ve joined us. :smiley:

Best of luck to you.

Warmly, Humberto

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Oh great, thanks ! I need to know well.

Oh great, thanks for your kindness !

Hello For All.

I’m new too. And I’m Sign just for a hours a go. How long did someone grab any job from Fiverr? Does it take forever or wait for some a fortune to get some job. Thank You

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