I'm happy to work with fiverr


It’s going to be 3 month I join in fiverr. At first I was so sad because I had no order in my gig but my teacher (who train me graphic design) said you can be success. I ask him how can I be? There are no order coming in my profile.Then he said do hard work and wait for your success and said also which success come late that success will stay long time.
I accept his advice and continue my adventure and wow really I got my first order and after that I got more 4 orders. Now I believe nothing is impossible and nothing can keep me from being success if I do hard work.
My first adventure was getting order in fiverr I already achieved that. Now I have to start my second and the final adventure. The adventure is being TOP rated seller in fiverr.
Please!!! Don’t laugh at it.
Today it’s my dream but tomorrow it’s going to be my reality if I continue my adventure.
Just pray for me all.
Thank you…!


Congratulations on sticking up. May you find even more sucess.


Thank you.I hope your story will motivate me a lot.


Congrats! Keep it up.


Wish you more success. Congratulations


Very good and congratulations.


Thanks your nice post


Just keep it up and also tech us how can we success


Keep going ,work hard
As soon as you will achieve
your dream .


Just keep it up


Congratulations on keeping patients keep it up


Keep doing, Congrats. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Thank you all… I’m trying to improve myself…


Everyone starts from 0 so there is nothing wrong in your post to be laughed at. One day surely you will be TRS and hope we others like me who are starving for same will also do it by their hardwork.