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I'm having issues with the verification code for withdrawal

So I’m trying to withdraw my funds for the first time. I opened my account in may and haven’t attached paypal or payoneer with Fiverr yet. When I click on the withdrawal buttons they show the “network connectivity error please restart your phone” message.

My phone network is perfectly and fine and my PC and phone are connected to the same network so I don’t know what the issue is. I’ve dug through a few posts on the forum and saw that if I contact CS I might have to show them my passport and ID.

I don’t have an issue with that but I want to know if anyone had the same problem and how the customer service responded to it before fixing the issue, and the things they asked for.

I would be really grateful if someone could help.


Hi Dana,

I had that issue once but it indeed went away after I restarted my phone like the notification said (perhaps try restarting the router too if that didn’t help), so I didn’t have to contact support.

You tried following these instructions, I guess, but just in case:

If you tried all that, make sure to tell support that you did, so no time will be wasted with them telling you to do that. :slight_smile:
Hope you’ll get it sorted soon.

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Thanks for the advice. I contacted customer service and fixed it ! :slight_smile:

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