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I'm having trouble submitting a rating to a seller

Greeting Sir or Madame. I am a newbie to Fiverr and I just completed some business with a seller. I want to provide a rating for the business that was done for me. However, I’m not finding the site to be as user friendly in the “Rate Now” area. Whenever I click on the “Rate Now” button, nothing shows up where I can type and submit my review to rate the buyer. I posted something about this a day or two ago on here, but I couldn’t find my post. When I attempted to submit a post the first time, I kept getting a message stating that I wasn’t allowed to post in a certain area. I finally found the button that said “start a discussion”. I think I may have posted in the wrong section before, so I am re-submitting my post. Any feedback on what my next step is would be greatly appreciated. I will check back for a response. Thank you in advance for your time. Take care. Have A Blessed Day!

Oh Wow! 42 views and now response yet. I’m hoping that someone will come along soon and be able to help me sort this out. Thank you in advance for you time. Take care. Have A Blessed Day!


Check this link.
You should be able to see the seller you want to rate here. If you click on the name it says “Show history” and then you have two categories. You should be able to see the specific gig you bought in there and if you click on it there should be a window where you can review your experience for that gig.

If you still can’t find what you need, maybe you should contact support.

Hope this helps,

I guess, it is a bug. Sometimes that “Rate Now” button in your dashboard will not work and will work only after few hours. In such cases I directly go to the orders page and then rate it. So my advice is to try again later, or go directly to orders page and then rate it.