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I'm having trouble with my first art gig

I just started my Fiverr account a month ago, and I do small illustrations/sketches. So far I’ve had almost no traffic. Do y’all have any tips for getting your first gig? Is there anything glaringly wrong with my profile/gig setup if you don’t mid checking?

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Here is your starter pack: Before you ask about HOW TO GET ORDERS or No Orders: READ THIS (MORE ORDERS, Tips, Buyers, First Order, Impressions, Sales)

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


Your gig descriptions could use some expanding. (The first sentence in every gig should echo its title, to reaffirm what you’re offering to do.) (If a buyer is confused and there are other options, they’ll likely go to those other options, rather than take the time to puzzle out what you’re offering.)

Maybe add a FAQ that these are only digital, no paper/pencil. You should also specify that you only do head-shots/busts in the first gig, and waist/knees-up in the second. (If this is inaccurate, then you should add packages for these OR make them custom bonus purchase options. If the former, you need to detail what perk is part of which package in your gig description. If the latter, maybe add a FAQ to direct people to the bonuses. If you do either, you should add sample images to show that you can do that.)

Always check your gig thumbnails from your profile. Several images have been cropped oddly. (These are usually the first thing people will see. Shrunk images don’t always look as good as the full-sized.) Also, you can splice two portrait images together to expand the number of samples you show.

“Languages: English - Basic” is inaccurate. It should be ‘fluent’ or ‘native/bilingual.’

If any of the points are unclear, feel free to quote them and I’ll try to elaborate.


Oh my goodness, I had no idea they were cropped so wonky :fearful:, thank you so much for cluing me in! Do you have any tips to avoid that/the preferred aspect ratio for it not to show up like that? Thank you so much for visiting my profile, and I’ll start fixing your other observations.

Thumbnails are 225x135 pixles WxH, near as I can tell, and as it appears in the gig, 707x410 pixles. I don’t think these scale to the exact ratio, so keep that in mind. I also don’t know if it differs in the mobile, or in other browsers (I use Chrome). I don’t know where to look to verify either.

As mentioned, if you have two tall images, you could put them together into one, like this:

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Sorry to bring you back to an old thread, just wanted to thank you for helping me start out here! Your advice has helped me get off the ground and get fairly regular traffic and I can’t thank you enough :blush:

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You’re very welcome, I’m glad I could help.

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