I'm having trouble with the fiverr gig creation wizard


All of the features arent showing up in any of my browers, and I’ve tried all 3.(google chrome, firefox, and internet explorer)…

Please help… I’m eagar to get started on Fiverr…


Could you please specify the features you are not able to see ?


Yes… when I finish the first page…that allows me to create the name of my gig… it leads me to a blank white page and nothing loads.


Well this is a new problem that I have heard after a long time
There can be 2 reasons for this problem:
*Your account is blocked
*or You have blocked fiverr


mine is doing this same thing when I go to edit my gigs. Just a blank white page after the first page.

I can assure you @photoshop_sir that my account is not blocked by fiverr and I’ve not blocked fiverr.


Maybe internet Problem… just logout or refresh and restart…


It’s a bug right now on editing and makingn gigs.
Send a ticket to CS and wait like some of us are doing.


Does anyone know if this problem is fixed?