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I'm having way too much fun with this


But, do I charge for FUN?

I’m having a $10 order. So far I’ve put… 3-4 hours into it. It could and should be a use soundfile with template kind of thing, a matter of max 20 minutes but I enjoy working on it. And the stuff I’m adding augments my template. Now, future buyers can have more custom options right off the bat. It’s also a first time buyer who might (for real) turn into a repeat client.

Am I stupid for not charging whatever I should charge for 4 hours? And do you know these moments when formulating a question gives you the answer already? sigh

Still, does this sound familiar to any of you? What’s your take? And, do you let the buyer know?


No, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing more for a customer - esp a repeater. I don’t believe in charging for every last thing you do for someone. Maybe that makes me a rube, but I prefer it to requiring payment for each small revision or extra. I think they end up appreciating it anyway.


I don’t think it’s necessarily time that needs to be paid for, especially as it sounds like you are expanding your business and future offerings by creating more templates.

I’m a firm believer that if you agreed on a price, you agree on it beforehand, and if you want to do more than what’s required that’s up to you. However, you could somehow show the buyer your VALUE by saying 'hey, look, here’s ALSO what i can come up with, (but don’t allow them to use it unless they pay for it), and would look forward to any future opportunities to work with you again.

Or you can deliver only what’s required of ten dollars, and just now have the extra developed templates for yourself.


that being said, I usually over-deliver anyways (within reason) and that seems to be what gets me the most tips, repeat buyers, referrals, growth etc.


Under promise, over deliver. That’s the recipe for loyal, repeat business.


I guess I’m just wondering how the find the line to draw to have my time and expertise rewarded - even or especially when I like working on something. However, quickly finished today, order is delivered, let’s hope there aren’t any news :wink:


If you’re having fun and it’s not impacting on anything else, don’t worry about it. But yes, let the buyer know in some way that you’ve gone above and beyond. If they are going to be a repeat customer you might not always want to put 4 hours into the order but they might have a higher expectation based on this order.