I'm here since 1 day - let me tell you something


I’m so fascinated with this site! I never did freelance work and I didn’t knew this site would be so enjoyable. I’m finding myself reading all the interesting forum posts and everyone is so helpful! You would think when money is involved people become unhelpful because they don’t want to reveal their special tricks. But everyone is so nice. <3 I didn’t sell a single gig yet and I’m waiting for my first gig to sell to maybe have more stories to tell! I don’t need money but finding a site that lets me help people and also getting a small amount of money gets me so excited! Thanks for being awesome.


Hello there. :slight_smile: Completely agree, it´s really great that so many people share their knowledge and help others out, and are just there to talk, too.
You´ll get some sales soon, the gigs of new sellers are shown quite well and there are people who filter for ‘new sellers’ too.
Much fun and luck and success here!


Thanks so much! If I don’t get a sale I’ll change my gig till it’s good enough to be sold or create an unique gig people find helpful! Because I really want to be a part of this community. <3
The same goes to you!


Hi @snowmelody,

First welcome to Fiverr. I hope you enjoy your time here :slight_smile:

Fiverr is a great website to help other people for a small amount. And what I like is that I can help people around the whole world… People come from the US, UK, Netherlands, Germany like you, England, Azie and more. Fiverr is great!

And I see that you will do translating. Let’s promote your gig girl! Spread your gig to twitter, and facebook. On facebook you will find a lot of fiverr pages, where you can promote your gig. And check the fiverr academy. You will find a lot of tips and tricks :wink: I know you will get your first order soon :slight_smile:

Success :slight_smile:


Yes! I love translating it’s like a puzzle to me that wants to be solved, and when it’s finally solved it’s so satisfying! I took a look at your profile too and I really like the DJ gig! You also gave me an inspiration for a new gig: voice over! I think that could be fun for me too.


@snowmelody haha great!! Your an voice over? Or you think that you like that?

Some tips :stuck_out_tongue: Do you have a home studio? People want high quality voiceovers…

Yes I have a DJ drops gig (also for jingles and commercials).
And I have a voiceover gig…

I’m a dutch radio DJ and voice over in my free time. I make my own radio program on a internet radiostation. And my voiceover work goes world wide since a few months. My voice are now in, netherlands, belgium, aruba (on the FM), United States, United Kingdom and Denmark :smiley: And I hope in the future my voice will be playing on more country’s :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh Guess what, I’m a DJ too! :open_mouth::smile:


@djgodknows Nice!! Mix dj or radio dj ?


Mix. 128bpm (Electro House):slight_smile:
(I should actually say Former DJ… lol) But you can find my mixes on youtube/soundcloud.


@djgodknows okay :slight_smile:

I’m a radio DJ Yes my stuff are on soundcloud, weekly podcast on mixcloud, and more stuff on my own website :slight_smile:


Awww David! You destroyed the gig before I could even start. I don’t have a home studio. :smiley: