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I'm highly disappointed in the new fiverr customer support

I’m not sure if I’m the only seller experiencing or maybe nobody is noticing that the support provided by fiverr customer support has declined and has become terrible. When I joined fiverr 10 months ago, issues were usually solved speedily and response was awesome. But since the customer support agents started using avatars as their profile pics instead of their normal faces, the quality of service has declined fast (now, I’m not saying the decline is due to the avatars used, but that is just to indicate the time when the quality of service started declining).

I think I should share my story at this point. Whenever I initiate a withdrawal, whatever amount I withdraw never shows on my revenue page and this started since my very first withdrawal. This is absolutely bad for business when you’re the type that set monthly goals and keep track of the amount you’ve made. Then, I just contact the CUSTOMER SUPPORT and they solve the issue with no stress, no hassle and no passing around. This process kept going on and on every time I initiate a withdrawal. Then since the “time period” when avatars are being used on the agents pics, the CUSTOMER SUPPORT has been terrible and frustrating. I have a ticket that is one month old on this issue of revenue page. For one month, no solution has been provided. This ticket is still opened and the technical issue on my account is still there.

Fiverr should really improve this issue with the customer support or change the management or something. It’s really frustrating when the CUSTOMER SUPPORT keep passing you from one agent to another without providing a solution and asking you to upload the same screenshot of my revenue page over and over again. If you open a ticket, it takes fiverr 3-4 days to reply you irregardless of the seller level you are. And yet they say there is VIP support for level 2 sellers.


Yep…it needs improving…I had a ticket over 4 months old before they solved it and even then it took me answering silly questions to get it solved. They ask questions that have already been answered or they ask questions when the answer can be found if only they looked a the screen shots provided-- at times I wonder if the questions they ask are nothing more than a delay tactic.

It’s really bad and frustrating. I really thought I was the only person.

really, its not that bad. I guess they prob respond back according to how urgent the matter is.

I sent them an email 2 days ago and within a few hours I got a response and then the next day my issue was resolved. the lady who contacted me was amazing.

Reply to @steveeyes: They’ve done the same to me! I always write back “already answered, scroll up.”

Reply to @safwan: Lucky you. Just wait, you’ll have a bad experience with them sooner or later.

Reply to @jtengle: I should make a blog about the problems I’ve dealt with when it comes to the support center here… Its pretty terrible 90% of the time.

Reply to @eve_sarah: not at all … and I totally second you on that about the time frame of the pictures of the avatars showing up … and service totally declining… It was always terrible but now its head to wall terrible…

Sometimes I can’t even understand their response… its like google translated it all wrong. Also , no matter how much proof you send them of a problem being a problem , they already have a completely unrelated canned response for your ticket ready to go.