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Im I good enough to do voice overs?

I want to do something other than graphics but I’m afraid I don’t have the voice for it, I have a deep voice but I’m afraid that I will be wasting my time trying to make a new gig. Does anyone on here do voice overs maybe give me some tips or pointers?

I am professionally-trained in voice acting (although, I do not presently have any voice acting gigs here on Fiverr). One of the main things you want to do before knowing how marketable your voice is, would be to sit down, and record yourself saying things – both in your normal voice, as well as in any unique character voices you feel comfortable with or enjoy. Then, spend some time listening to those recordings and learning how you sound outside your own head. The way we hear our own voices is not the same as how others hear us. So understanding how others hear you is the first step in determining if whether you have a voice that would be marketable to others. :slight_smile:

I’m also a professionally-trained voice talent and It’s not as simple as having a good voice or not. There are many subtle and major differences between a person who thinks there good and someone who can capture the attention of the audience and have them hanging on every sentence. It’s like any other occupation, It takes hard work and dedication as well as basic knowledge of audio. Good Luck!




Thanks socialsuperr for your advice :wink: and also jonbaas that is definitely things I should consider.

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I’m with you… there’s a heck of a lot of training involved to be able to match your own voice with what the clients and/or acting/marketing business is looking for. But understanding your voice is always the first step before knowing whether voice acting or voice-overs are something you really want to make a living doing. :slight_smile:

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Good luck! :smiley: