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I'm in a big Confusion! Help me!

One buyer placed a order for 2 files. I delivered him the 1st file and forget that this order was for the 2 files. This is because I’ve increased my rates 2x and I though it was a single order, but then buyer told me that she had payed for 2 files and I’ve delivered only 1 file.

Now, she had suggested me that I can deliver the 2nd file with next pending order. Is that ok? Could I get a warning for this? Bcz I’ve already received 2 warnings? Please help me, I’ve currently putted her on hold and waiting for your suggestions!


You can deliver the second file in your Fiverr Profile messaging system.

I’m more curious about what your two warnings were about.


One for contacting outside the fiverr and second for Contacting outside the fverr

Could this result a warning because I’m delivering half order

Ahhh. Okay.

You can still send the file to the Buyer through the system you are chatting with her/him through.

No worries.


I’ve done it.

Once I delivered an order the proper way then found a typo.

I sent the revised version through the Fiverr messaging system.

It was okay.