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I'm in a big trouble..!

Hello, I’m in a big trouble…! My sales are very low this month. I need to increase my sales.

I have been share in my work social networks, my porfolio site and I did more traffic for many months, but the results are very low. How to increase my sale?

Here’s my logo gig. Logo Gig

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Hello @evelin90,

You have a pretty decent profile with good qualifications and your gigs are impressive. You have multiple gigs which are all 5-star ratings :slight_smile:

I am not seeing a single problem from your side so probably the increasing competition in your field is the real issue. I have a few suggestions and hope they help you:

Reboot your profile

  1. Use your full name and try to replace the profile picture with your own. Using a company logo is good but your profile name and the picture should represent the same, i.e., You
  2. Rewrite your description with more personal touch. Currently, it is too generic and it lacks “detail” that an experienced designer like you should have. Explain about yourself, where you come from and your experience. You made a considerable amount of sales in your two-year tenure so add a line on what your users love about your work. You can add a nice comment by one of your potential clients. Hire someone or contact a friend to help with this rewriting.
  3. You are from Srilanka so I guess you know more languages than English. Add all of them with your proficiency level
  4. You haven’t connected any Social networks. Add at least two social profiles immediately because some serious people are curious, they want to know what you got and what kind of a person before they hire you for their most important job
  5. I am not sure but I suggest you rethink about editing the skills section. I think it has some duplications (like Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop, and Photo editing)

Review Gig descriptions

  1. Review your Gigs’ description once
  2. Simplify what you can offer but add details like how certain Gig helps and where & whom it fits

Build branding

In your field, a portfolio website or a social profile is compulsory. Link it and lead visitors to it. Make sure, you showcase enough projects and testimonials there.

Be active in social media

  1. Make hobby projects. Share your work on Dribble
  2. Help people on Fiverr forums and Stack Overflow
  3. Add everything about your career on Linkedin

Good luck!


Hi ashokv,

You have been very tired of answering my question. I appreciate it very much. All the things you have offered I will be corrected in the future. Thanks again for your feedback.

Thank you,


That is a great reply.
It is useful for every seller.


Hi OP, you are not in big trouble :slight_smile: Just having low sale period, which has been happening to many of the members here :slight_smile:


Yes I think so. Thanks vince007.

I forgot to say… you better try Fiverr introduced Pro program that boosts sales for experienced and skills experts. We web developers don’t have a chance but you are lucky that it supports Graphic designers.

Currently, it supports following categories:

  • Graphics & Design > Logo Design
  • Writing & Translation > Articles & Blog Posts
  • Video & Animation > Whiteboard & Explainer Videos
  • Digital Marketing > Social Media Marketing
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Take a close look at your competitors. You will learn alot.