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I'm in a critical situation 😔

Recently I have got a job. The project is easy. But His instructions are very unclear. He is not saying anything clearly. Where to add an item. Only gave me some files. Files are six and sevens. Exactly doesn’t mention clearly. As a result, now I’m in a critical situation. :disappointed_relieved:


Please ensure files are shared within your work order and not before the order.

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Problem is that He gave me to design 6 pages Newsletters. He gave me files but didn’t mention clearly. I said again and again but his conversation is not clear. Actually He failed to make me understand what he wants. I said again “Please help me to understand so that I can deliver you a same design as you want.”

That’s the problem, some time buyers are not sure about the finished products what they want :roll_eyes:


@datareward, yes. I’m facing this type of problems right now. :disappointed_relieved:

Hi,please chk the time difference between u and yours sellers.that might help u.

I got similar situation before…,
Buyer made an order without any instructions or detail.
Tried to contact buyer several times, but got nothing…,
On the last days, without any warning, discussion, communication, buyer appear with 1 star.

My suggestion : It’s better to cancel the project
It’s easier to maintain 90% project completion than 4.8* rating.


Thanks for your information. How it will help? Would you please explain? @ocean7media

I mean to say may be yours seller r on different time zone then u.if there s morning in your side may be thete r midnight on the seller might be he or she sleeping.

You are right @ridwansugi Yes, Saying from my experience, This project is easy and It is soft to put an end in 1 day. But, He makes me critical situation by confusing conversations. As a result, It is running 3 days.

Negative. Time zone doesn’t impacting here.

Iam just answering the questions of yours.where u said yours client is not responding to yours msgs.GOT IT

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@ocean7media :sunglasses:
I didn’t mention that my client is not responding to my messages. Yes. Your information is important to me. Time difference is a problem. Thank you so much for helping me and Your valuable comment. :star_struck:

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I would have to agree with @ridwansugi on this. Cancel the order already.


Unfortunately there are customers who presume you know exactly what’s on their mind without telling you. In this case you have to send them multiple ideas so they can choose the best near their idea of perfection. I’m sorry means a lot of work but it’s important you do this way if you want to keep the customer happy.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Negative. Time zone doesn’t Not impacting here.

@manuelmarino but what’s their problem. I don’t know. Why they don’t tell which on their mind? :roll_eyes:

A lot of clients don’t know how to ask for what they want. I do take the attitude that it’s up to me to ask the right questions to find out. Of course, that doesn’t always work … but you can only do your best.

My favourite message to these clients: I need to have this information before creating the customized order.

If that’s not applicable to you, all you can do is deliver what the gig says is delivered as part of their order and, if appropriate, refer any problems to customer service.

Hope this helps.


Right. Yes @coerdelion This message is very effective and important.