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I'm in a lot of trouble with my gig

I am a new seller of Fiverr,
I am very worried about my gig.
You will help me with your correct opinion.
Is it better to open a new gig using high rated tags/keywords and stay on page number 10(Buyer search more by typing that)
Is it better to open a new gig using low rated tags/keywords and stay on page number 1(buyer search less by typing that)


Here’s a forum post which contains a lot of information about your concerns.

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yeah, it’s true. Lots of top rated seller here
who will benefit me with their correct opinion


If you create your gig with care- proper research & taking more time, then you should wait for the rank. If you do everything ok then nothing more to do.
In fact there are lot of gigs publishing daily and there huge competition. So we should not think much about gig ranking rather should try other ways to get reached clients such as replying BR, Gig marketing etc.
I am not an expert and I am also waiting for 1st order but I realized that Gig ranking is a factor but not everything. You may not get order even though your gig on 1st page. Actually everything depends on sellers merits, tactics, intelligence, creativity and somewhat luck. In a word, seller must be able to pay highest effort to be succeed.

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thanks for your advise

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