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I'm in a trouble! I'm looking for suggestions please,

Hello, I’m Maygeen. I need your help please. I know this is not the helping platform but Don’t have other options now that’s why I’m here. Although I tried to contact with Fiverr team couple of times, they didn’t respond to me yet! I’m sharing my issue. First, the buyer inboxed me. The buyer has given me all the information before the project. Then he placed the order. I worked on his project last night and gave him the first preview. The buyer came up the next day and he disputes the project without reason! He was telling me his personal situation was changed his mind that’s why he wants to cancel the project! he apologies to me and also telling me he can’t afford the money! What should i do for now? Please Advise me. I need your help.
Best regards


Refuse cancelation. Get in touch with support and explain the situation to them.


Did you delivered the work or showed your work without any watermark to the buyer?

It can be a case of scam. Buyer don’t exactly get their money back. The funds are refunded as a shopping balance. I am not sure if they can withdraw it later.


Thank you so much. Actually i didn’t Decline or accept the request yet! I was trying to contact with Fiverr Support team. But they didn’t reply to me! I’m worrying about if buyer gave me negative feedback! I don’t know what should i do for now! I have to respond his request within 2 days otherwise the project will be cancel automatically by fiverr!

Basically I’m doing tshirt designing. I just showed him a mockup. I didn’t deliver the project! If i decline his request he will be able to give me negative feedback? or it will affect on my gig? I don’t know what should i do for now! He was telling me for personal matter he can’t afford the money!
Please tell me the best way to solve the problem. thank you

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It sounds like a scam. They placed the order, they commissioned you, and you have invested your time in the project.

I suspect it’s no coincidence that the very moment you deliver a mockup (and not the day before) - he decides he can no longer afford the project. Utter rubbish.

What you consider a ‘mockup’ was probably good enough for their sketchy purposes. So they have received your work for free.

If you cancel the order, then your completion stat will go down which could affect your chances of receiving new orders - as buyers naturally like to see perfect stats. You self pride will also take a tumble.

If on the other had you insist the buyer pays, then you must deliver the order as soon as possible, but be aware that the buyer might then leave negative feedback. However, this threat should never be a legitimate reason to allow scammers to get away with free work. Remember, you have the right to respond to any review to give your side of the story.


Though buyers don’t get to see the completion rate of sellers. Though if it causes a demotion they could notice that (difference in level badge).

So the cancellation won’t really be seen though cancelling will likely affect gig rank for a while.


True. I’ll give you that one!

Thank you so much for your amazing tips! I truly appreciate it! I’m going to cancel his request, and deliver the project. one more thing! If the buyer reports me for rejecting his proposal! The Fiverr will flag to my account or anything else? I"m worrying about my account! if the account get banned for his report, what would be the next step?

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I can only offer my thoughts based on what I would do in your circumstances. You have to make your own decision!

However, think about it logically. Your buyer wants to cancel not you. He’s already told you it’s because he’s changed his mind and can’t afford it. By delivering the order, you are only doing what the buyer first wanted, and what Fiverr would expect you to do.

So why would your account be flagged? I can’t see any reason.

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Yeah, You’re absolutely right. I just refused his request and told him everything, if i cancel the project my gig will go down and the order complications stats will be affected!
I’ll get in touch and share the situation. Thanks for your valuable time. Stay safe

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That’s really bad of him to do that to a work you’ve done with lots of hardwork. Try contacting the fiverr again they will respond and yea don’t let this get into your mind stay positive and concentrate and trust your works, fiverr team will take care of him.So good luck and work hard :))


Thank you so much. I really appreciate your positive thinking and supporting. I wish you good luck with your future ventures. Stay safe, thank you :slight_smile:


you’re welcome and stay safe too

Oh, an unpleasant situation.
It seems to me that he should pay at least half of the order, you tried and your efforts should be rewarded. Demand half of the cost from him

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Hi, thanks to you for suggesting me. So how do i ask him to pay me half? If i cancel the job, the buyer will no longer to pay me again? So what would be the best way to offer him like this? I already refused his request!

I do not think this is possible on Fiverr. But if it were CS would be able to help you. However, it may be an all or nothing deal to CS. Plus it will affect your stats negatively.

You can’t arrange for half the money to be paid. It’s not possible on Fiverr.

You either complete the job and get paid, or you cancel and you don’t get paid.


Well, Fiverr’s recommendation is stated in the Seller FAQs:

“Can I partially cancel/refund an order?
Orders can not be partially cancelled or refunded at this time. Once an order is created and there is a need to partially cancel/refund your buyer, we recommend that you ask your buyer to place a new order. Once that new order is created and then marked as complete, you can cancel the original order.”


It is frustrating but in my experience, Fiverr support takes 48-72 hours to respond. The good thing is, even if your gig delivery starts flagging “late”, once the team looks at it, it won’t count against your delivery rating. However, if it’s cancelled, it will count against your % of completed purchases.