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I'm in a trouble! I'm looking for suggestions please,

Oh, thanks for the info. I’m new here, so I didn’t know. I have not had orders or similar situations

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@maygeen You should crop this image better and remove the name of the buyer. The image is not good for you (the bookmarks tab is clearly visible).

Hi once agian! The buyer buy the premium package which has 8 tshirt designs for $35.
I explained the story before! I canceled his request, while he didn’t respond to me at that time! I run the project as usual I do. I showed him step by step all 1-8 designs. He just came up right now and saying me. You rejected my cancellation! this is really bad! Now i’m going to talk with fiverr! I’ll put you negative feedback and tell other buyers i’m unhappy with the product! and that will affect your business! I told him, as you see in the attached! I’m really upset about this matter! What should i do for now, I don’t know. :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks for suggesting! Yeah, i did!

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He is blackmailing you with a review and that is against TOS.


So sorry to hear about your story! What is the update now? How did you end this?

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Your story is not the first and the last
This is always repeated on the site
Unexpected buyers reactions
With giving the best thing as well as a gift with work
Until you get unexpected responses
I have had a story similar to yours
It ended up giving me very bad references
And lower my level
And request requests in the future
The site protects the buyer more than the seller


You absolutely need to be getting Fiverr’s CS involved with this one.
The “client” is saying your work was poor as reason for cancellation here. Before you indicated they said" personal reasons.
Something is indeed off.
Poor English is probably not helping anyone here as none of that is very clear.
Overall tho if as you say they Hired you, then started backing off after you showed work either:
a) your work does not match expectations set by your portfolio
b) they are being dodgy

Customer Service are your solution so get them involved and minimize contact with the other person until they have been able to look and advise.

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Hi Benedictm, Thanks for your suggestions. I appreciate it! I’m attaching the screenshot, why he first Disputes the project! I’m trying to contact Fiverr customer services but they didn’t respond to me yet! The delivery time is near at hand! I need to contact with Fiverr before the delivery! Why Fiverr mostly values the buyer more than the seller! We need the same rights as a buyer or as a seller. The buyers think that they can do anything on Fiverr! I Request to Fiverr 3 times and got respond 0%
I always try to make my clients feel happy. At this time the situation is changed the whole theme! I’m feeling so Bad!

In my personal opinion:

Why the buyer would order your gig if the money is beyond his/her reach. I hope the Fiverr staff see this point of view.

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Yeah, You’re absolutely right! I came here to get a suggestion, I Explained the story with everyone! I got couple of idea. But now i’m seeing this, Fiverr staffs were got silent. Because Fiverr never go against by the Buyers! I tried to contact with Fiverr team and I also go to the Fiverr Official page! I tell them The full story. They didn’t respond me. I’m really frustrated about this matter. So the Question is Scammers will always get the product here for free! No one give me the exact suggestions! I decided that I’m going to cancel the project, Otherwise the buyer will give me negative feedback. Although i was legal and i have all the information’s that i showed here!The
Buyer Win guys! The story is ended up. He just break my heart! One more thing, Sellers are also a part of the Fiverr and we are human beings too! That’s it!

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Not true.

It might take them more time to respond.

No, they won’t. Many sellers refused to cancel and as a result, got the money they worked for. Some of them got a bad review, too, but they did get their hard-earned money, as well.

That’s melodramatic.


If You think “That’s melodramatic!”
Well, it’s okay. I just explain my story. how I felt! :slightly_smiling_face:

First of all, let’s not jump to the conclusion so fast. Fiverr didn’t favour your client yet. And if you read the forum you will notice that right now fiverr support might take around 5 days to respond.

Now back to your situation:
I’m usually the first one to say “stand your ground and don’t cancel your order” however I believe this is not your case.

  1. First mistake you did is that you delivered your order through messages and not with “deliver” button.
  2. Buyers can request a cancellation based on “I don’t want this service anymore” BEFORE the delivery is done. And fiverr CS can not force them to continue working on the order in this case. (And as we remember, officially your order is not delivered yet)
  3. If you’ll try to deliver your order now it might be considered as manipulation as your client asked for cancellation before you delivered it. (Delivering work in messages doesn’t count as a delivery)
  4. I don’t think fiverr will take your side though in case as you didn’t manage order properly and left loopholes for your client. (Though if they will decide in your favour I will be very surprised)

To sum up: I think you can’t avoid cancellation in this case. But next time you should always deliver your orders with “deliver” button to have a protection from fiverr.


Thank you so much for your suggestions. I do appreciate it! I know the system but the thing is he buy the Premium package $35 for 8 designs. I can’t delivery the project at a time because its tshirt design! if he bought one tshirt design then I’ll be able to deliver the project with deliver button. As usual i do, i run the project on my way i showed him step by step designs. This is the matter! Well, I’m feeling so good! Because CS Replied to me and finally i’m talking with fiverr team! I follow up with them and they offered me if i cancel the project it will not affect on my gig. It doesn’t matter that i spend 3 days on his project. I was waiting for Fiverr CS. They said They will take care of the cancellation stat! I’m Moving forward with Fiverr Team! Thanks So much.
Kind Regards

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So happy to hear that and so happy for you dear! Next time try to deliver you project adding a watermark on it before the complete delivery, it may help you and the buyers wont be able to steal your work. All the best! :slight_smile:

@maygeen, happy to see that you got a response from CS and that your stats won’t be affected by this cancellation :slight_smile:

However, for the future, it’s helpful to know that the ToS states this: “Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig Page. Buyers may rate their experience with the Seller on the Order Page, including the overall level of service quality received.”

So are you saying that if I send over a First Mix as an mp3 in Chat, that I should be using Deliver instead, even tho I know the job is probably not final so am not trying to call the job?

Sadly things don’t always seem clear with how best to use the tools. Like I am starting to think I have missed out of the Portfolio additions that Delivery seems to bring because I have delivered jobs inside Zip files (music gets big) when maybe if I at least put the mp3 files in loose they’d become portfolio items…