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I'm in need of a video for my fiverr gig

Many of the “tips and tricks” articles I’ve read suggest that a gig video will help drive sales. However I do not have access to the equipment or software to make one myself.

I would like to get a video made by other fiverr sellers for this gig,

This gig is for portrait illustration, and so far I have not found a seller that can make me a video for this service.

I think I will have to order multiple gigs to get this done but I don’t know where to start.

Does the fiverr community have any suggestions?

If this works I will be making videos for all my gigs this way.

Hi ! what’s your budget for this video ? lool :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @salasdes:

I have only $19 bucks to spend on this. That will be worth three gigs. I only need something simple, like a time lapse video. about thirty seconds maybe? or longer if anyone would do that.