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I'm in trouble with a customer

Hi there,

A customer bought one my gigs before contacting with me. A cheap one. But customer requesting an expensive work.

I’ve asked him to cancel order. An he’s created a dispute with an offensive reason.

How can I cancel this order to prevent crash my on time delivery statistics?


Can you elaborate on this point? Was something inappropriate said during the order?

If the scope of a buyer’s order is beyond the scope of a gig, then charging the buyer extra to compensate for the extra work entailed or cancelling the order are the appropriate courses of action.

It would be a good idea to contact CS in case the buyer continues to refuse cancelling the order.

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Yes. I’ve asked him to cancel this order. He created with the reason is: “The seller is not qualified to do the work I requested

So I’ve rejected the dispute. I’ve created a ticket about it. I’m really mad about this kind of peoples…

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If you can’t convince the customer to cancel, try to reach customer service and show them what the buyer orders and what he(she) requires.

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Oh, so you cancelled the cancellation?

It might be better to just accept the cancellation, regardless of the wording of the request, or send your own cancellation request to him with your own wording.


Why don’t you send a cancellation request yourself choosing an option that buyer requested services outside of the scope? Why did you even ask your buyer to send you a cancellation? There is no difference in who would be cancelling an order.

But you already contacted support so just wait for them to cancel the order


Hi all. The customer service fixed my issue and cancelled order without crashing my ontime delivery statistics. Thanks everyone!