I'm incredibly ill , what do with my orders?



I am level 2 seller with a lot of steady orders. right now I have 10 in que and 4 of which need to be in within 16 hours…

I am incredibly ill, migraine, vomiting , dizziness , the works… what should I do with my orders? let them go into Late mode? or cancel and apologize?.. I don’t really see myself being able to complete them on time today : /

I hate this, i work hard to maintain 100% rating, and things like this always happen to try and throw me off :confused:


You can use “Vacation Mode”. Have a speedy recovery!


but that will only effect the new orders wont it? will it pause the timer on my current orders?


You can write your clients a message explaining the situation. I had some clients that were very understanding with my delays.


Hi - sorry to hear you are sick! :frowning: I hope you feel better soon. I had this problem recently, where I lost my voice and couldn’t do any voice overs, but still had orders in my queue. I contacted my customers to explain the situation, and we mutually canceled the orders I wouldn’t be able to do. It’s tough, but I found most customers were understanding. Some were also willing to wait until I was well and could record for them. I think the only thing you can do is just be honest with people. Also, yes, you are right - going into vacation mode now won’t effect the other orders in your queue. They will still be due at the same time.


I hope you are better now. I had a situation once and I informed my clients that I won’t be able to deliver on time. They were understanding and allowed me to close the order and deliver at a later date.