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I'm just so disappointed as a designer on the Fiverr platform about what happened today

A customer who ordered a $ 120 logo from me and confirmed the order, was satisfied with the whole process, got everything in time, left a 5 star feedback.

Suddenly the order was canceled without warning, without asking me, without informing me, the order was simply canceled

The money returned to him and I just left without explanation and without the money and he received both the money and the work in full !!!

please help me

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If the customer’s account is gone, it was most likely a PayPal chargeback.

You can try contacting Customer Support (in a calm and polite manner), ask them what happened, and send them the proofs (screenshots of what was ordered, what was delivered, and the client’s nice words and positive feedback) that you have delivered as advertised and that your client was satisfied with the delivery. They might be able to reimburse you.

Keep in mind, though, that if you’re unpleasant with them, yell ‘scam!!!’ or ‘I demand justice and explanation!!!’, they might just close the ticket.


Good advice! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

It is - if you ran up to somebody in the street and pinched their wallet from their pocket, you’d quite rightly be arrested. Except Fiverr/PayPal don’t seem to have the same level of outrage at theft as the rest of us do in real life? It’s still money and time being stolen, regardless of how it’s done.


I understand but I’m very upset right now.

Worst thing !!! Don’t be upset brother,contact with support and tell them what happened with you…

Then perhaps you can submit a ticket to Customer Support once you’re feeling calm enough not to be unpleasant to them?