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I'M LATE AGAIN thanks to the buyer


So I got this order and the buyer ordered a 1 day delivery. That’s 24 hours. I finished it and completed it 6 hours later. ON TIME NO PROBLEM. They had ONE REVISION which they requested. no problem. I go to my gig to see what they want changed and the order is marked in big red letters again…LATE! They decided to use a revision AFTER the deadline. So even though I delivered WAY BEFORE THE DEADLINE they take a revision and now i’m LATE?! fiverr customer service (don’t know much) say that it’s not late…BUT IT SAYS LATE! this is how i mysteriously went from LEVEL 2 to nothing. RIDICULOUS!


So long as you delivered before the due time, you weren’t late, although the big red letters are scary!

It won’t count as being late and won’t have any effect on you rating. :slightly_smiling_face:

Might be better to ask CS for more info about this.



If you made the initial delivery within the deadline then you can ignore the big red LATE on the revision. That does not count against you. I let that sit for days sometimes when making revisions, never any problem.


Oh sure, just cause you type faster than me, which is not hard to do. :grinning:


ok Mike, if you do it and it’s fine, then i’ll ignore it. they need to fix this if that’s the case. it should never show as late.


It scared the hell out of me the first time I saw it. Agree, there should be some other graphic instead of a big red LATE yelling at you. Maybe a clock counting up saying. It’s been 1 day 12 hours since your buyer requested a revision. Gentle reminder, sense of urgency thing, you know.