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I'm leaving Fiverr for these reasons

Hi guys! I’d like to share here my reasons to leave this platform after working for 10 months as a portrait artist, illustrator and model.

The politics for sellers has never been clear and you only have to guess how you get rates and what you loose it for. From my experience I’ve learnt that Fiverr puts on you the responsibility for buyers mistakes and leaves you alone with difficulties or questions.

Example from my practice: buyers submitted orders without reading not even my gigs description but a few words about what my 3 packages provide so after “realising” buyers had to cancel those orders mentioning a reason “I picked a wrong gig” and as an effect I’ve lost my “order complete” rates and my level. Of course I reported to the CS when the cancellation dispute was still opened and I needed instructions but did not get any response. In a couple days I sent another request to CS but they NEVER got back to me (it’s been 5 moths for now since the issue).
My attempts to find out the answers on Fivers FAQ did not bring any results but the conclusion that as a seller I have a very poor rights.
I also happened to be one of those “lucky” sellers who’s successful gig was denied without warning. CS was useless. And again, did I find any clarification on FAQ - no.
And I’m not going into details about how many times the system (website) failed (like I might find only 12h left for the order delivery instead of 24h my basic gig required).

So my experience showed that this platform treats sellers as slaves.

Will continue my professional growth with other resources and will never recommend Fiverr to anyone.


I am sorry you had such a bad experience…

My advice is you should contact CS again, Do not leave fiverr it is great platform for selling gig, fiverr now a days improving his service many new thing integrate in fiverr , like skill, learn from fiverr and etc

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fiverr doors always opens for you if you wana join again.:thinking::thinking::thinking:

I must say … Its a valuable advice … anastylist! … patience pays here… don’t worry about ratings… its a decent platform… don’t loose heart

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A slave is forced into a specific type of labor. You were not forced and the use of the word slave is an offense for many cultures. Other than that, good luck wherever you go from here. Every seller has a choice and I am happy for you that you made one and were not a slave to anyone.


I think Fiverr has to make the policy for both buyer and sellers to resolve such type of issues.

Good to know that :slight_smile: i told this around a year ago or more… I shifted to other platform and now i’m very happy there… Low fee than here and many thing…

Otherwise, Everyone have their own perspective… Many are happy and some are unhappy.!! It’s all about, How you do want to work and with your own respect. If you don’t feel freedom on any platform - Better to be leave that!!

If you do analyze - Fiverr share was $40 at beginning and Now $20… So they are going down too!!

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When I contacted CS because a buyer wanted to cancel for picking the wrong gig they cancelled it without any penalty to me.

When I have had chargebacks I get the money put back in my account and no penalty to my ratings or analytics when I let CS know about it.

The experiences I’ve had with CS have been very positive whenever there has been a problem. I don’t know why there would be such a difference in our experiences.

edit: This thread is from October 2018

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