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Im Level 1 seller ..This is very nice .I want to get level 2



i go through your gig.Your going good.
But if you want to become level 2 seller in a short time.
you should sell your gig on a very low rates and stay online more.
Think creatively and get orders
Then i hope you will become a level 2 seller soon may me in 1 month.
I hope you will become level 2 seller in 1 month


.Nice thank you very much advice .


How can I get more views my gigs?:smiley: if there any easy mattered ? :hugs:


You can improve your gig by following:
Think about the the words which people mostly used to find service and put the on tags in gig editing.
Always put that pricing on your gig that people mostly search.And stay online as long as you can.
Request buyers to share your gig after completing order.


Thank you …where i share my completed order?


no i am not saying to share your completed order. I told you to tell every of your buyer after completing his order to share you gig link
send him the link and request him to share it


woow great idea…Thank you very much…Have a nice day :+1: