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I'm Level 1 today! YAY!

Tmr is 1 months i join fiverr and now today i’m level 1 with 188 usd income XD. 3 first week i got dry spell and this week was so crazy :D.

Congrats! :slight_smile: Good luck in the future

Congratulations, I just saw your gigs, awesomeness. Check out mine!


@dusucangmon - Congrats!

Keep working at it and in no time you will get to level 2… Then beg for orders to stop coming in so you can meet your deadlines :slight_smile:



Wish you very good luck!!

Wao. Great achievement. Congrats !!

wow! it’s a great news for you!! Keep good working, i hope with in few days i will got 2nd level seller also.


way to go! you must be doing something right :slight_smile: i’m jealous [jealous icon]

Congratulation!! You are very talented!! :smiley:

thank you all :slight_smile: , i’m half way to level 2 now :smiley:

Reply to @speedy876: yeah, i know that feel yesterday :))))))

Reply to @sophiacr7: thank sophia, i’ve seen your gig, you so cute XD

Reply to @emjayye: thank you!!!

Reply to @work_in: thank you :smiley:

Reply to @webexpert1313: thank you :smiley:

Reply to @dusuacangmon: thank u <3


Reply to @logo_desing:
“wow! it’s a great news for you!! Keep good working, i hope with in few days i will got 2nd level seller also.”

here’s a friendly message. i can tell that englsh is not your first language. your message is great and i am not putting you down but here are a few tips to improve your message grammatically.

"it’s a great news for you!!"
write: "it’s great news for you!"
leave out the ‘a’
“news” is a plural, collective noun which does not take an indefinite article. it can take a definite article such as “the news” but “it’s great news” is better.

"Keep good working,"
write: “Keep working well,” or “Keep doing good work,”
“good” is an adjective. it describes a noun (work), not a verb (working). “well” (or “great”) is an adverb to use with verbs.

“i hope with in few days”
‘within’ is one word

"i will got 2nd level seller also."
write: “i will have 2nd level seller, also.”

“got” is past tense of “have” so cannot appear with “will”

hope you take this lesson in the spirit it is given.
i wish i could write a second language as well as you write english. :slight_smile:
wishing you much success!