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Im level 2 seller and not getting any Order

I am a level 2 seller with 39 reviews and after 2 months i opened my account and doing buyer request and got only one order. And after that still cannot getting single message or Order and getting very less impression.

What Can i do to stable my Account
please Check my gig and tell me.

Promote your gig url on top 20 social media sites, like facebook etc.

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Doing so will NOT result in more sales, unless the seller is connected to their target customers on those social media sites. Posting your gig links into your friends’ social media feeds is an ineffective way to market a business. Their friends are not their customers.

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Must be your social follower related your service/product. Example: If your social followers are nut lover then you cannot sell them digital product. So, before build your social network you must target follower related your service.

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Social networks are a very good way to get more sales, but I agree with @jonbaas .
I’m active on twitter by sharing my past works very often. I don’t advertise directly on my gigs, it’s a waste of time. I advertise on my work only.
Sharing directly your gig on a social network is quite agressive and , it only shows one thing: “you have something to sell” while social networks are more “you have something to share”

For example on twitter people tend more to retweet a good artwork than a simple advertising.

Share your works, get new contacts, redirect them to your gig. :slight_smile:

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