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I'm Level Two Seller But, Not Getting Order!


2 months ago I’ve earned level two badge but after that I’m not getting order as usual. Can anyone pease check out my profile please? My Profile link- Any guide or tips for me?


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Your recent delivery was 2 days ago so you just need to be patient and take on board the suggestions made by @wasishah2017. For many sellers the algorithm changes are adversely affecting their sales. You will find lots of posts about this on the forum.


I guess the algorithm changed.But hang in there.


Honestly saying I got more orders when I was Level 1. The competition there is less. Too many sellers are Level 2.


Level 2 does not guarantee that you will gain more orders. It is merely a growth level here on Fiverr, based upon the success you achieve through the early orders that you deliver.


The main reason for levels in my guess is to indicate your experience and the number of jobs you have completed and to boost your ego and sense of achievement. Apparently it motives people to do good work, and those who are in low levels to strive to go up in levels many thinking that the higher you get the more orders you get, which is unfortunately not the case, it is just to show that you have been working and completing orders and gives you a reason to post in the forum and brag a bit about getting higher in levels. But like @jonbaas said it is not a guarantee to get orders.


Thanks all for comments… :slight_smile: