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I'm looking for someone who can design ID cards

Hi !

I am a part of a team which participates in Formula SAE. This is an engineering competition where students have to design, fabricate and race cars like this -

I was looking for someone who could do some ID cards for our team. I am also attaching some sample ID cards for your reference.

I need the following in the card -

1.The two logos I am attaching with this post ( Files named Logo 1 & Logo 2)

2.Team Logo ( Could be omitted if you could find a creative way to incorporate the team name)

3. Team member name, with department. You can find this in the attached excel sheet.

4.Blank spaces for signatures from - HOD, Dean Admin & Vigilance at the bottom. This can be seen in the samples I am attaching.

5.The card size has also been shown in an attachment.

You can find the samples and other files at this link -

Thank you !

Yes i can do your work…

Contact with me thanks…


Osman shahbaz

can do the job. Contact me

I can do the job, feel free to drop me a message :slight_smile:

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I can do this job

Hello :slight_smile:

I would love the chance to do a racing card ID… sounds like a cool job :slight_smile: I’m already thinking of some cool designs for you, just message me I will link my profile at the bottom… even if you don’t order from me I hope it turns out well!


Rob W.

Yes sir i will do your work…

100% satisfaction guarantee.


Osman shahbaz