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I'm looking some work

how to get work from fiverr


You will get lots of articles on forum regarding “how to get work from fivers” which might help you to understand and maintain the core basic of Fiverr to get your first order. Good luck.

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upload a gig your course related…& stay active on fiverr @abdulsamad923

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Try active on fiverr…

Check this out: New Sellers … The True Way to Success!

This “active” on Fiverr thing is a Fiverr myth being posted all over the forum.

Read the link I gave above.

That is how to get sales.


There are already plenty of topics and articles available for new seller…

You have to work at it.

As mentioned above, take advantage of the down time and educate yourself on how to better use Fiverr.

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thank you…evry one