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I'm looser in fiverr selling

Hello I am Kushan.
I have a dream to be a successful from fiverr. I created my first account in 2014. I worked as a graphic designer. I started from zero. I got my first order from a lady. I delivered it within 24h but I didn’t get review. I got very angry in that day. That was the only order I got. I thought, I will not get any order again. And I removed that account. But I do designs to out world.

When I doing those designs I realized that I have so many things to develop. I did designs alone and rate it from a best designers in my university. They taught me many things about designs. I read so many articles about designs. I watch so many videos about designs. And I develoed my skills and creativity.

One day, I change my view that I looking. It means. That day I realized that If client need a design. It is not and only design. It is a problem for him and he needs a solution. So my design needs to be a solution for his problem. Then I turn my view point from designer to problem solver. With that I changed my designing process. I did my designs in my own way. But they are fully customizable according to client need. I like to learn new things always. I learn to create logos, I learn to create websites. I developed my skills from various fields. And also after my conversion my client base get higher. So I make a team with my mates that very talented in designin. It will easy to handle my orders. We share our ideas, We share our knowledge. Then I started my own company as Kushan Designs with my team. Again after 4 years I started another Fiverr account as noob to fiverr selling. But thank you fiverr. Why? that lady turns me. I taught many things from that no review order. I start my own company because of that. So don’t be loose if you have no orders. Always see another way to your target. So finally you need to reach it.
In that day I’m looser I delete my account. But if not now I am a well established member in this fiverr. But now I am new to here as a fiverr seller.


Before I write anything I hope you don’t take my post as an insult.

I see in many people they come in Fiverr and expect that they will get instant rich, many clients and high price orders. They are starting motivated but after some time realize hard truth.

Modern society get used to instant gratification after doing something productive. In school after learning you get a good grade, in job after month you get decent salary.

“Omm okay I worked for 2 hours, now tea break and let’s watch Jumanji. Tomorrow I will be rich.”

And when they start doing actually real things they are very surprised. “I was working out for 3 days and I still don’t look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, gym is bullshit! They all take steroids!”

Client don’t needs to review your work. If he will want to do it, he will do it.

I encourage people like this to leave out of comfort zone because you are wasting your time on Fiverr and probably wasting your life also.


nice inspiration story :heart_eyes:


Accepted. That I want to tell. I also think at the beginig like you mention. But I realize truth. So I worked hard in fiverr too. I had sleepless nights. Actually still I’m not good in fiverr. But still I’m trying to good in fiverr too… Thank s for your idea

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Realizing you were the problem is huge! Well done to have faced the mirror and accept responsibility for your success.

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