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I'm Losing Sleep From No Sales :(



I find myself coming back to this forum daily looking for support and motivation. I’m a voice talent and have bee for years. I was hoping Fivverr would be a good avenue for me to ease tension and anxiety of a lack of work however it’s hard to not wanna give up. I have 4 gigs on here and altough it seems people are “looking” they are not buying :frowning: please review my gogs and help me someone, anyone. Thank you


Hey man!

I checked you joined just this month. It’ll take time but you’ll start getting inquires gradually. I’d suggest to keep the price down until you have couple of 5 star reviews. After that you can start raising your price slowly.

Try to join facebook groups or online forums or may be slack channels where you think people might be interested in your services. Start giving away your expertise and promote yourself via helping people proactively. And once you start gaining attention you can slip in your offer once in a while.

Hope this helps.

Credit : 5 years of freelance experience and 2 years of agency business experience. I own a digital agency and have been through the situation that you are in.


Have you submited offers for Buyer requests?


i waiting for buyer request.


I listened to some of your samples and maybe it’s just me but the sound quality isn’t the best.
Check out jontcoleman and articulateasian. I think there’s a considerable quality difference. And if you have a low conversion rate then use a video intro. A good example would be jimkeeley

In a nutshell, check out your competition and try to learn from the best :wink:


Thanks so much…easy to get discouraged and your words help encourage me.


If you have any thoughts on how I can clear up my demo sound please share. I’m using Adobe Audition etc


Do not worry brother, you just need to find how to sell, it matters a lot when you match the need of buyer by solving their problem.
Brush up your PSP and then promote your gig yourself because Fiverr in their part doing a great job of promoting new sellers.


Did you render/ compress your video? This can often make a huge difference in the audio quality.

Also, if you use too many filters (noise removal, compressor etc.) it can influence your overall quality as well.


I always wonder how other voice over talent sounds so great if they dont have a ton of great equipment or the cash to get it lol ughhhhh Anxiety sucks


Join some Facebook groups.


Fiverr has more sellers than buyers on its marketplace which is the main reason why you’re not getting any sales…Hopefully fiverr can create a balance between buyers and sellers someday by attracting an equal number of buyers and sellers to their website


One thing that concerns me is that all of your voice samples sound the same. The only difference is the background music. There is no variety in your narrations or voice-overs, and this like means that potential buyers have no idea what your voice range might be. A good voice actor can do a variety of different types of recordings – just as an actor on stage or in film can perform a variety of different roles.

To improve your services, perhaps you might consider improving the range of your voice samples. Contrary to what many untrained voice actors think (particularly here on Fiverr), professional voice acting is NOT about just recording yourself talking into a mic, it’s about the emotion, the inflection, the style, the quality and so much more. I don’t see any of that in your recording samples, and that may be why potential buyers are not hiring you here on Fiverr.

(NOTE, for clarification… while I do not offer voice acting services here on Fiverr at the moment, I am a professionally trained actor, with a focus on both stage/film acting, as well as commercial voice training. My advice comes from training and experience).


I’m here on Fiverr since 2016 and completed over 500+ projects. Fiverr is no more adding my gig in the search. Every year I loose one gig and Fiverr don’t help me in this regard. Gigs are all active and I’ve very good ratings but still my gigs are thrown to the very last pages. Fiverr is just disappointing me.


At Fiverr you have great competition, many excellent salespeople, but do not be discouraged, you have reached the top with many sales victories.