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I'm mad! All I want for christmas is to win an official fiverr tshirt

I’m mad because I missed my opportunity to win a TSHIRT by uploading my video for the fiverr staff to see.

Easy solution. Post your video here and send to me a $100 processing fee. I will send you a FREE t-shirt from the official Fiverr store.

(Fine print: No other official anything is offered with this satisfaction not guaranteed offer of offers. Fee non refundable. Video will be viewed in full by me and you will be selected as my contest winner upon receipt of processing fee.)

:smiley: just in case youuuu really still want one. you can give one to yourself haha! self gift… :smiley:

sorry to hear though. Hopefully next time around you can join on time! :slight_smile:


I KNOW I can buy one but that’s NOT fun! Plus I want to feel special like some people on here… getting all the freebies. :0p

Haha, But I didn’t
BTW you can buy that T-shirt for $19 on FIVERR SHOP

Haha this is funny with your contest @fonthaunt mine you get real people entering lol

I swear to god I was going to rap my answers to fiverr for a tshirt… I was going to do a rap video and ALL you guys missed out on a bad ass rap music video response…


Isn’t it getting late to announce those winners?


Reply to @kjblynx: Messing up my side deal? I was going to give you a cut! :wink:

Reply to @fonthaunt: O_M_G THANK YOU!

I know a better idea! Post your full home address with the times you are available to personally open the door and receive my check at hand! I’ll write the full amount Asap!

Reply to @joeyperezwest: Well, silly, that’s why I offered a contest for you to win a free one! It’s not my fault there is a tiny processing fee.

You know I’m just kidding you! Last year they did some t-shirt prizes for a variety of holidays. I remember because I tried and didn’t win! Be on the lookout since we’ve got Halloween around the corner, among others. Or, if you wanted to meet some Fiverr folks in your neighborhood, you could sponsor a community event. I think Fiverr sends you a variety of goodies like free t-shirts for you and your community attendees. I think that one sounds like a fun way to feel special!

Reply to @muhammadpunhal: I didn’t mean to start a bunch of repeats of the same info - I was just joking. The Fiverr store has already been mentioned and linked.

Reply to @joeyperezwest: Oh!! That’s a great idea! Ok, so, I’m here to personally open the door 24/7, plus my staff is here too. We have your t-shirt ready but don’t forget to bring your video. Preferably on Betamax. The full home address is:

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW,
Washington, DC 20500

Just be sure to bring cash instead of a check, for some reasons we’ve had some issues with our accounts here in DC. Please wear the outfit you use for your ANGRY video. It will save us time with the security scanners. :smiley:

Reply to @joeyperezwest: Haha! It does sound fun getting the “freebies”… Hopefully nexttime around you can definitely join on time!! :smiley:

Reply to @fonthaunt: HELLZ ya playa I want to sponsor a community event, where is the info on that on the for realz

Reply to @theratypist: I was going to do a video and do a rap and everything, I had it all planned out, then I got busy with gigs and then my chicken got sick I had to take her to the vet and then it was over.



I feel like a Fiverr Top Seller middle child right now.

Reply to @joeyperezwest: hahaha I will be sure to look out for the next competitions and see if you have joined, I will root for your entry!!

Here’s to hoping in the next competition your schedule doesn’t get all tied up! :slight_smile:

Reply to @theratypist: woot woot

Reply to @joeyperezwest: We are still waiting for Fiverr response to announce those lucky ones who got the T-SHirt. I am really anxious of getting my first fiverr t-shirt.