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I'm making custom tutorials for The GIMP!


So, because I know there are people out there who give The GIMP a try, then go out and buy Photoshop Elements, or spend a ton/pirate Photoshop, I thought I’d make tutorials. The thing is, sometimes it’s hard to know what people want, so I’m seeing if people are willing to vote with their wallets. I learned a lot of tricks when I was working in the newspaper business and because I never made enough/was too honest :wink: to have Photoshop at home, I would sit down and figure out how to do those tricks in The GIMP, if it was indeed possible. And outside of prepress tools, most those tricks were indeed possible.

What I’m doing is making tutorials with an eye toward Ubuntu and other Debian-based systems, with details on how people on other platforms can get the tools I’m using (if it’s not part of main app), recording the tutorial, and editing and producing the thing so it’s more professional than most the image-editing tuts you see. No "um"s and "uh"s, no audio that sounds like it’s recorded on a potato, and absolutely no blaring-loud dubstep!

Anyway, here it is: