I'm missing out on premium jobs and gigs...Wish FIVERR would consider


I am aware that Fiverr users cannot make deals and accept payment outside of Fiverr.

I have been offered a good job which I won’t take because I’d be violating the terms.

However, I wonder if sometimes it would be good to make something possible for all of us to benefit.

So if I’m offered a $300 gig per month that I’d like to take, rather than losing it, I’d prefer fiverr allow for some kind of premium gig where they get a benefit.

I want this job, but I will not break Fiverr’s rules.



They seem legit. The regularity and the volume of work are more in terms of hours per week. I am only able at this time to offer 5 dollar gigs and no add ons either. I could structure the deal as an add on if I were level two sales. I would just not like to lose out on an opportunity. 300 bucks a month for a few minutes of serious work is worth it to me.


(but not to alienate fiverr, I want to make fiver work, but I don’t want to miss out on additional opportunity, you know?)


i sounded too whiney in my first entry. Pardon.


I hear you and I appreciate the warning. I have told them that no matter what we do, I’d like it to be through Fiverr.

I have no plans on breaking the rules. I want to make Fiverr work.

Still if there’s ever a legit offer, I’ll hope that eventually there will be ways to discern them and do something beneficial for all including fiverr.


Hey, @kuzzmedia, I just saw this and have a couple of suggestions for you.

  1. I would email customer support and ask them to set up a special job just for this. I am not saying they will go for it or allow it to go through, but what occurs to me is that for a $300 job, Fiverr always gets 20% which is $1 for every $5 job, so this would be $240 for you and $60 for Fiverr.

    Since, Fiverr does not offer this usually, it occurs to me that you could always ask Customer Service to set this up for you. I also thought about this a long time ago way before I saw this post, so I can relate to you in this situation.

    Bottom line: It could never hurt to ask. The worse that can happen is that Fiverr says no.

  2. I see you are a new seller. Once you get to 1st level seller, you will be able to sell multiple orders for the same gig. You could always ask that buyer to order multiple gigs from you. Repeat business from the same buyer is very common on Fiverr. What’s wrong with the seller ordering your gig 60 times. That would put you not into 1st level seller rating, but a 2nd level seller real fast for which you can charge $40 gig extras and then your buyer would only need to order 8 times :wink:

    I hope this helps.



Thank you for the suggestion. In fact, yes, today I have just today been made level one sales, and this allows me to better customize gigs on an as needed basis. As it turns out, the rate they were offering versus the hours made no sense. It makes much more sense for my time to pay ratio to work through Fiverr. I have very politely directed them to this possibility if they’d like to continue.

The level one sales open up way more opportunities to earn and I’m not gonna take any chances.