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I'm missing sales - Customers unable to pay/error


I’m a new seller on Fivver, I have had two messages from individuals saying they have tried to purchase a gig of mine the money has been taken fro their account but it comes up with a red saying check payment or something of the likes. Has anyone else had this issue, have I not set something up right? It’s not setting a good tone for new customers.

Any help is appreciated

It sounds like a scam and they’re trying to guilt you into doing the work for free.

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I also had 3 clients not being able to pay.
So it’s not necessarily a scam.

If they are unable to pay and they are not scammers you can just tell them that sometimes this bug happens on fiverr and they shouldn’t worry, they should just reach out to support and they will resolve their issue with payment. That’s it. If they are legit customers they will do it. All you need to do is to be positive and reassuring, giving confidence to your clients


Thank you. I had a friend check for me and the same thing happened so I will contact support and the customers now.

You don’t have to contact support. Your clients have to contact support.
Do not engage in someone else’s payments problems, fiverr will not be able to help if you reach out to them, they need to see the original payment provider that your client used.
And it’s a dangerous path to try to solve “money” problems for someone else.
That’s why I specifically said :point_down:

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