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I'm Narrow Minded? -Unhappy

@hmz4klm - probably. It’s unfair and unreasonable to expect a child to do a parent’s job. And because it seems “normal” in affected families, no one really notices … but it comes out in this type of attitude in adult life. When you’re an adult - and out of the situation - why would you want to take on more of the same burden?

This can also be a consequence of being sent off to boarding school … don’t get me started.

Get some help if you can. CBT can be useful, although that takes time.

EFT tapping is faster and you can learn how to do it on a basic level through videos on youtube or whatever …but you may still find some help from a qualified EFT therapist useful.

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Our brains get wired into the behavior starting at very young ages. It is all about the family dynamics. And as you say, an empath has to learn to have boundaries.
I’ve learned how to not be triggered by the words “please help” on this forum, at least most of the time.

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Yes, people raised in families that might be dysfunctional have real issues with boundaries.

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