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I'm new and already feeling the love!


I just posted my first gig, and whilst waiting for my first order to come in (I hope it does soon) I popped by the forums and found such a warm pot of encouragement, from complaints about Fiverr 3.0 to other topics like someone buying a car from their earnings, and it just makes me feel that I’ve found the right community!

Previously, I was looking at some other freelance websites, and I never found this kind of support. So whether or not my efforts are successful here, I wanna say kudos to all of you on the forum, I think you all make this much more than a side-job or a full-time money machine.

Cheers from Singapore!


Took me a month for my first order! I haven’t gotten an order since, unfortunately.

However, welcome to the community! I agree that it’s pretty awesome here!


Praying for my first order as well. I have five gigs posted right now. So praying hard!!! Woo!!


Dont Give up!!! I did not have a sale for the first week ,then miraculously I had two sitting there waiting for me! Just stay positive and purchases will come! Best of luck!




Good luck to you and to @suranji. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen overnight. I think it took a week to get my first order and months to get really going on Fiverr. Once I reached level 1 (10 orders) it just took off. My skills are not especially unique, so I basically had to wait until people took a chance on me. Once I had the opportunity to show my level of quality I started getting repeat customers and more new orders because people saw the positive reviews.


Wish you best of luck for your orders and hope you will flourish in future . Happy fivering


Hey…i’m waiting for my first order too… :">

i wish you all the best!!!

good luck :)>-

Cheers from Sri Lanka


Hoping for the best! Still waiting after three days but the community really makes the wait more bearable!