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I'm new and I do not have enough views


im a graphic designer, and im new on fivver, can you give me some tips? why am i not getting views to the fiverr link?


Can I suggest you get someone on fiverr to write you out a more comprehensive description of your gig. Because at the moment it is very ambiguous and to be honest, not very professional. If I were reading your gig and profile for the first time I would be thinking, here’s a 16 year old that messes about designing stuff for his friends but has come on to fiverr to make a quick buck. I know that’s not your intention, but that’s how it comes across. You are up against a lot of competition, so you have to stand out. Get a professional to give you that edge. I am not that person by the way.


You have to market your gig in social media in a professional way and if your gig is visible in fiverr search engine then you will get sell soon. But before making this you have to assure that your gig is quality full for this you have to see other sellers gig please don’t copy. @nirwil


You’re a 16-year old who learned designing a year ago. Your openness and honesty is a good thing, but I’m afraid your experience level precludes you from offering designing services.

None of your samples is particularly impressive. You have no Gig description to speak of.

If I were you, I would continue honing your designing skills, but hold off on selling them until you can provide people with actual value for money.


I suggested You need marketing Your Gig.Sent Daily 10 buyer request. Use seo friendly beautiful gig photo ,And description,tittle. I hope You Get more views And Order