I'm new and I have a problem


Hello I’m MMiiya I’m new in Fiverr,
I like videogames and meeting new people so my gigs are about that.

I need help, I can’t change the language I speak or edit It in my profile no matter what I do.

Thanks and kisses


Ok, I go for the kisses.

If you mean the language settings for the interface, you can change them at the bottom of each page.

Now back to the kisses <3




No, I mean the language I speak, in my profile It says I speak english and I want to add that I speak spanish but I can’t add it or change It :’(


Go to your page and click on ‘Add new’ in the language section.

Your gig descriptions should be in English though if you want to make any money.

Now I would be ready to get kissed.


Yeah I know that, the thing is I can’t add It, I click in Add new and It doesn’t add anything.


I bet Fiverr’s page understands just English…
Hasta la vista!

Ps: why would someone be sending kisses randomly? :thinking:

Note: tus Gigs son todos en español…


Hihihihi . . . :smile_cat:


In your perfile of Fiverr’s page I can put the languages I speak.
That’s where I have the problem.


Normally you should be able to add languages (up to 4) without problems…
Try logging out and in again, and if it’s not working then reset your browser.
And… if all that’s not working… paciencia!:grin:
Contact Customer Support