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Im New and I have questions Thanks

I am so new I do not even have anything up yet, but I have a few questions please.

1: how do you get started?

2: how do you work with the client, so they can review their order weather that is a VO or Video project so they can make refinements before the final product is sent to them?
Is there a way that is protect? ( i noticed on the Terms/C that you can not send the client a proof ) what if you are not doing what they thought?

3: how do you get paid? Do I have to use PayPal.

4: Do you have a written contract with the buyer that they sign or agree with before the project?

5: can you start out with Gig packages,?
or smaller?

6: so you can only have one account but can you have multiple services to offer? like 2 different gig pages? for different services?

Thank you so much for your help, advice and direction!! V.

Hello snoppy27,
I am also a new member ,
I can see that you have many questions . All the questions you have mentioned also related to me. So i hope that someone will answer these soon, it will be very Helpful.
Good Luck.

Thanks, I did read the Terms/C and I have been reading conversations on the forum but … there are still all these questions. Maybe some of these folks will help us out.

Welcome to Fiverr!
I suggest you check out the pages on the seller help center, really informative and answers all your questions:
other than that, search the forum, because many questions have been asked before…
Good luck!