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I'm new and I need buyers


Hello guys, I joined fiverr over a month ago and I’ve not made a single sale, I need help in promoting my gigs to potential buyers.


Hey there. My advice for you is to add more detail to your gigs and keep sending buyer requests. You have 10 offers for one day. Use them with in a week or so you’ll get an order.


Is there someone to review my GIG and notify me about the errors how i can improve it please


You can post a link to your gig in the “Improve My Gig” category and hope someone will help you or else search for a seller who offers that as a service and buy their gig.


You should have nice description and seo friendly tags depicting your services , respond to all buyer requests and hopefully you will make your way :slight_smile:


Thanks. I send requests to potential buyers everyday but still nothing.


Thank you for the tip


Okay, I would try to do that now.


I have a similar problem I am doing all I can to get gigs what should I do?



What @eoinfinnegan says applies to you. It needs to be in Improve my Gig, not just in “Fiverr Experience.”