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Im New And I Need How To Make People Buy My GIg's

Hello Guys!
I Need Some Advice From You Who Make Much Sales Here In Fiverr.
I need how to get sells of your gig’s and to be more popular.
Thank You


Promote your gig social media for more sell

i do that everytime but nothing

add alot of value to your gig and make it dirt cheap

Share gig to social media site for promotion to sell more gig service…

You have to market your gig in social media in a professional way and if your gig is visible in fiverr search engine then you will get sell soon. But before making this you have to assure that your gig is quality full for this you have to see other sellers gig please don’t copy.

Wish you good luck!
(Happy Freelancing) :hugs: :hugs:

Keep Sharing your GIGS in Social media.!