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I'm new and i need to create a best gig and how to make peopke buy my gig's?

Hello Guys!
I Need Some Advice From You Who Make Much Sales Here In Fiverr.
I need how to get sells of your gig’s and to be more popular.
Thank You

@sitimuharomia Hey first thing is that you have to follow TOP Rated or Level 2 Seller What they write on their gig’s. What’s category ?
Then follow their rules and create your gig.

***Don’t try to copy their gig


@sitimuharomia You have to create unique gigs. Do NOT COPY PASTE. Do a lot of research of keywords that will help your gig getting ranked on the search engine. Use proper categories. Create gig description. Write what you are offering to the buyer, what they will get by buying your gig. Also add some FAQs. Add good quality images and try to make a video for your gig. That will help you get more attention of buyers. That’s pretty much everything.

Check this out for how to get started on Fiverr: