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Im new and im not sure how to get customers


Hello! Im new here,

Im a student in need of extra cash, i heard cartoon like character art goes well here, so im trying this out, but i dont get any orders? I tried to offer a bunch where i can, but it doesnt seem to be helping, i havent even had my first order, if you have any more advice, please do tell me, thank you so much!

)My gig: )


Welcome !
Do you really need 14 days for $ 5 delivery ??
Thank about it and refer other Gigs in your category.


Im still in college, in which im unable to work from 6 am to 7 pm, i wanna give quality to y customers, so sometimes an order (Commissions from friends) took a week or sometimes longer, it also can be only a few hours, it really depends on the order and when i can work on it.


That you can always decide once you receive an order (based on requirement), but marketing yourself with 14 days doesn’t make sense, since you have stepped into very competitive field.
Try to modify your offer and surely seller will look at you.
Finally need to wait, you just joined in Aug’18. Here buyers are waiting for more than 6 months also.
You need to spend some time here to understand this business.
All the best !


Okay thank you! I didnt know if you could discuss timing and such with customers so thank you!