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"I'm new and need sales" - 3 Top Tips & Tricks to Generating Sales from a Top Rated Seller

Hey guys!

Let’s cut straight to the chase. You’re a new seller (or maybe even an older seller experiencing a sales slum). Here are my 3 top tips to generating sales:

1. Interlink your services and create related gigs

I’ve seen many new sellers fall into two traps when first creating their gigs.

One of these traps is to create multiple gigs which are essentially the same thing (such as “create modern logo design”, “create a unique logo”, “design your logo”) in the hopes of getting more traffic. This doesn’t work and I’ve personally interviewed multiple Fiverr staff members on the official Fiverrcast Podcast who attest to this. It’s been stated that the ranking algorithm is alert to this “hack” and you’ll receive no additional exposure. Not only will your exposure not increase (it may even decrease) but you’ll also be watering down your gig’s feedback score. What’s better, one logo gig with 100 ratings, or 5 logo gigs with 20 ratings each? It’s the former - especially if you want to rank higher in a very popular category.

The second trap is creating an array of different services or gigs which in no way relate. For example, having a logo design gig, a voiceover gig, a video testimonial/spokesperson gig etc.

Whilst these gigs work standalone, put them together in a collection and they reflect poorly on your brand and aren’t capable of working together. It’s like having a football team made up of individual superstars but no team chemistry. Do you look like a professional logo designer when you’re also offering to be a professional spokesperson as well? Or do you end up looking like a hobbyist or jack-of-all-trades.

The key to hitting the ground running and ramping up your sales is to create gigs which compliment eachother and can be interlinked. It’s far easier to sell 3 different gigs to one client then it is to look for 3 different clients entirely for 3 different services - especially as a newbie.

Imagine the scenario, you have 3 gigs:

  1. Logo design
  2. Social media design
  3. Banner design

If a buyer purchases any one of these gigs, you can easily interlink and upsell your other services. A buyer who is interested in a logo design service is also very likely to be interested in services #2 and #3. When creating your first gig, you need to consider your brand and what “collection” of services you want to offer. Do this correctly and you end up with services working together as a team - when one has a slow day/week, the others pick up the slack and provide new orders to the service in a dry spell. Do this incorrectly and you end up with 1 gig being your “main” and 5+ other services all lagging and struggling for sales. What happens when your main gig has a slow day/week then? You’re in trouble.

2. Package your gigs

Once you’ve made your “collection” of complimenting services, you then need to literally collect them into a package.

To do this, go to the “My Favorites” section of your account and create a new collection:

Once created, add your gigs to it. You then end up with a collection of your gigs which can be shared, marketed as a package and promoted for increased order opportunities. When you visit the collection URL, you’ll also notice something very cool:

Fiverr has the ability to add a WHOLE collection to a buyer’s cart. This means you can promote your complimenting services to all be ordered at the same time. You could even team up with other sellers to create collections and offer premade packages. Imagine you’re a voiceover artist who doesn’t write scripts - how about teaming up with a copywriter? The buyer places their order and proceeds seamlessly, rather than look for a competitor who may offer more than you.

3. Create a “buyer request” specific gig

A lot of people recommend new sellers use the buyer request section to generate orders and I highly agree. However, with so many requests and sellers competing, how do you stand out from the crowd? The biggest issue with getting orders from buyer requests is that these requests are often “custom” in nature, yet you have to send along an offer attached to a gig you have already made.

Here’s a good example:

This buyer wants to change their Facebook page’s name. It’s showing to me because I offer a gig (Facebook cover design) inside the same category. To send this request, I’ll need to attach it to this gig. For the buyer, this is extremely confusing. They request someone to help change their Facebook name but receive an offer related to design? Even if you fill in the details, the main design/call-to-action of your offer still looks like your unrelated service:

So, what you want to do is create a simple ‘complete your request’ style gig. It could be called something like “I will complete your request”. You can create a gig image with a call to action such as completing their custom request. The buyer then receives your custom request that is 100% relevant to what they posted - with a clear title and CTA image, rather than trying to force a square peg into a round hole by trying to match your closest related gig.

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I hope your found these 3 tips helpful, if you’d be interested in hearing more please give a like below - Adam

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Hey @twistedweb123,

I love your suggestion on the “Complete Your Request” gig suggestion. While I’m not a new seller, I feel that it would be a great way to reach out to Buyer Requests that don’t necessarily fall under my normal gigs.

While I speed read over some of this, I feel that when you send a offer to someone who’s made a Buyer Request, it’s imperative that you acknowledge their situation so that they know you took the time to read over their problem. Many times people send canned responses, and if I got one, I’d pass them in a second.

A seller who takes the time to review the request, acknowledge it, and provide a thorough action plan has a much better chance of winning the gig.




Hey Michael!

That’s exactly the thought process behind this suggestion. Writing a custom proposal and showing an interest in the project (rather than just sending a blanket message or form letter) is always going to yield more conversions and engagement (even if they don’t hire you that time, you’ve established a relationship where they may come back in the future).

However, you could write the best proposal in the world but if it’s headlined by a mis-matching or not 100% relevant gig, you shoot yourself in the foot, that’s where the “Buyer Request Specific Gig” comes into play :slight_smile:


Agreed, Adam!

I’ve had several times where I sent a gig offer, acknowledged their problem, and despite 30 others sending them other offers, they came back a few days later and stated that they were happy I took the time to read over their problem, and ended up getting the gig.

Sometimes going the extra mile pays off! :slight_smile:


After a long time, some fresh and new tips! Never thought of the point 2 & 3. Going to try them out soon… :wink:


Let me know how you get on :). My last set of advice was posted a couple of months ago before the old forum went down. It was a video guide on upwelling. If you haven’t seen that, you can find it here:


Great post, thank you, but regarding my quote from point 1, do you know how that fits to that I for instance saw 4 or even 5x the very same gig on the first page for translations for a language pair? (and I mean the same gig, not even a different word count or anything) It was ‘newly arrived’ gigs - does that mean the algorithm didn´t catch them yet because they were new?


Huh. I’m ashamed to say that none of the three tips - which seem so intuitive, now that you’ve pointed them out - ever occurred to me in my three months here. Thanks for sharing them. =)


Hi Adam,

I have to say your tips have opened my eyes to other business capabilities Fiverr offers.

I would like to ask you about tip #2.

Does Fiverr show in its search results the favourites packages or is it just something that’s shown only when a visitor visits any of my gigs?

AdWordsAdvisor (Sharon)


Hi Sharon (@adwordsadvisor)

Fiverr have been known to feature collections but this is usually based around campaigns or holiday related collections. #2 is more related to taking the initiative for self-promotion and increasing exposure/orders.




I don’t know personally how the ranking system works, only from what I’ve heard or spoken about. If I were to guess, it’s that the newest arrivals aren’t filtered in the same way as they are based on literal time added and no other factors.

If you are interested in more information about ranking both within Fiverr’s search and search engines, I recommend this episode of the podcast where we talk with Fiverr’s head of SEO:


I guess that’s the case then, too, at least hopefully, I´d ‘follow’ those gigs to see how it may or not may change over time, if I had the time for it, just out of interest, but fortunately I got other things to do. And thanks, the podcasts are a really useful and nice feature.

I don´t have enough gigs to do anything useful with Tip 2, but it´s bookmarked for when I´m done with my preparations for gigs of another category, when it will be nice to do and Tip 3 is really a great one for evveryone, will work on that soon. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome :). Let me know how you get on


Dear Twisted Web 123:

Huh. I’m ashamed to say that none of the three tips - which seem so intuitive, now that you’ve pointed them out - ever occurred to me in my three months here. Thanks for sharing them. =)

twistedweb123Fiverr Ambassador1h
You’re welcome :). Let me know how you get on

And that also goes to show what a valuable tool Fiverrcast is, as you’ve talked about these ideas there as well.

With 48 episodes released, that’s easily over 24 hours of material for people to listen to and gain insight into how to do better on Fiverr!

Some people learn best by reading, some by watching videos, some by hearing audio, and some just by wading in and doing. Different strokes for different folks…

Thank you,


Thank you so much for these tips! I’m a new seller at fiverr and working on making my first sale.


Nice one, I find so interesting and helpful, good to hear this.



Thank you for the tips , they are really helpful


It’s true! I think a lot of users haven’t seen or listened to the podcasts but in those 48 episodes, we pretty much cover every topic users frequently ask. I always like to share the SEO episode as it’s essentially a complete checklist/run down of what you need to do.

45minutes may be a little too long for some people but the transcripts are also available on the blog


excellent i must work on this Thanks


Thank you so much for this tips , they are really helpful i must try this.