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I'm new and waiting for a first order


Hi. I’m new on Fiverr. I joined yesterday. I’m video editor, graphic designer & YouTuber with more than 100,000 subs (MNXHD) offering Video editing services. I tried to promote myself in a “Buyer Requests” but I was rejected.
I would like to know how much you were waiting for your first order?


My first order came after 2 days of joining Fiverr.

The Buyers Request section is not to promote your business, but for buyers to post their request.
You can offer your services there to any single request that fits your skills, by answering their posts and sending an custom offer.

Welcome to Fiverr!


Hello there,
Welcome To the Forum.

How could you do that? It’s against TOS
Buyer section is for buyers to request their needs.
Moreover, No One sees your request except some Sellers like you.


Ok, thanks for the information. I didn’t know how it worked, but I saw some people who offered services. “need work . i love to do video editing…” “i’m professional video editor please send me offer” & more.


They are spamming, violating TOS. In the end, they might loose their accounts :slight_smile:


I understand now. So what would you recommend to start with Fiverr?


Because you have a grown YouTube channel, you can promote you gig via YouTube, Facebook and other social platform and with the community who needs you services. And send offer in buyer request section. :slight_smile:
Stay active and patient.
Good luck :+1:


Thank you man! :grinning:
These are good advice, I will use Social Media to promote my gig.


As @n4y33m said: use various social media platforms to promote your Gig(s). Never spam, though - keep it moderate.
With a bit of luck (yes, luck), you’ll get your first order in no time.


I would like to promote my gigs too! seems difficult to self promote on this site