I'm New But I've Gotten Sales - Here's How


Hi there! Like you probably reading this, I was always checking these forms to see how everyone got their first sale–anxiously awaiting mine. After now being on Fiverr over a month, I’ve gotten over 6 sales and here’s how I did it.

1. Use All Your Gigs
Something that helped me was I used all 7 gigs and they were all for a wide variety of things–presentation design, proofreading and editing, video editing, illustration, etc.

2. Make Your Gigs Unique
I’ve noticed that most of my sales have come from less common gigs, like my Google Form and Google Slides gig. For example, if I was doing SurveyMonkey and PowerPoint gigs instead, I doubt I would have any sales by now. Because my gigs are less common, they are near or at the top of the page.

3. Use Your Gig Video
I’ve also noticed that my gigs with videos are much more popular and easily get the most sales. If you have an attractive video, people will be enticed to order from you.

4. Buyer Requests are SO Important
I got my very first sale from buyer requests. Every day, go on and use all of your requests if you can. You need to be quick, too–you don’t get an order being the 25th person to send an offer.

5. Check Fiverr As Much As Possible
One of the harder things I’ve learned is you must be checking as much as possible. I’ve lost two potential orders to responding too late to messages asking for quotes.

If You’re Selling Proofreading and Editing, DON’T HAVE GRAMMATICAL ERRORS IN YOUR GIG
I haven’t done this–but I’ve seen it so many times. If you want to get sales doing proofreading and editing, make sure everything is spelled correctly in your gig. This is a, for some reason, common error and it makes potential customers cringe.

That’s all the information I really have. Good luck!


Congratulation! :wink: and welcome to Fiverr. :wink: It’s really great place and I agree with almost all of your tips. :slight_smile: I’m not totally new here anymore, but well 4 months are kind of new too. :slight_smile: So I only wouldn’t agree with second part of tip #4. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not true at all (at least in my case), that you won’t get choosen if there are already 25 offers on that request. In my case, I got many orders from such requests, because in most cases 20 of these offers are total mess and then you’re instantly only competing with 5 other sellers. :wink:

Good luck to you on your Fiverrr career. :slight_smile:


I totally agree with you :slight_smile:. Almost all offers are template based.

@dylansdesigns Welcome to fiverr :slight_smile: keep your hard work up and thanx for sharing your valuable tips.