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I'm new.Can someone help me find my first buyer?


I’m new here and I still don’t know how to use this site properly…Could anyone give my some advice on how to find buyers? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


please send your all buyer request ! you will get your first order ! and try to share you gig with the social media


@holta_graphic how can I send that?sorry I still don’t know how this works lol


can you find out the selling section uder that you can find out the send buyer request


you will get to know how to do that please find out it.


@holta_graphic yes,I looked there but almost everybody there is offering a gig not searching for somebody’s gig…I couldn’t find anybody there to sell my gig…


there is buyers but some ppl promote sellers gig here. you have to search it 2 to 3 hours a day you will find them that is why i did here. there is a time fiverr post buyer’s offer here


That’s always the problem with buyers request. You just have to pick out the few actual buyers and send them well-written offers. Good luck :slight_smile:


@holta_graphic @somaginer1996 thanks for the advice,I appreciate it very much :heart: