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I'm new here and I need help

How to improve my gigs and
How to generate my sells more on fiverr.
I create three gigs ang I got about 36views and 20clicks I got.
What should I do more or what is wrong my gigs.Suggestions

Hi @waiyan_mindin your gig description and pricing is very important to getting sales. At first, you need bring down your pricing to get more sales before jacking it up a little. Earn the trust of your buyers with those two.


Thz a lot for advising me.
So should I down to my price for a little bit?
I’m working at agency and So I need more effort to do my job.
OK I will try it

Yes, that will go a long way. Also, you can tell family and friends about your services, encourage them to patronize you.

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Thz a lot for your comment and for giving me your time.
I will do a little changes and I will wait patiently

I’m confused that $5 work isn’t a good price for logo creation cause I though I’m selling the do you think?I dun know why I’m thinking like this.

@waiyan_mindin I did not say you should sell it for $5, i only advice you bring it down a little to attract potential buyers. You know best what you offer, so make the decision in your own terms.


Thz guy.I will make it for a little more attract to customers.