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I'm new here and losing hope because I don't get any order even I spent more than 16 hours on fiverr


You can try to stop using cheap templates and do original works to get more order.


What have you spent 16 hours doing? Think about how you can use that time productively -

*Looking at the top-selling gigs in your category to see how they are succeeding
*Researching the key words and phrases that your gig description needs
*Refining your product so it is the best you can produce (see comment above)
*Sending quality Buyer Requests offers to look for work

There are many things you can do. Exchanging time for orders doesn’t work on Fiverr because people buy what they want and need. Make sure you let people know you are here to do that.


It took me 1 week to get my first order. Be patient :slight_smile:

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Using fake images of girls in your profile picture will attract more peoples to give you orders. Keep waiting.

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I sometimes think people like this are trolling.

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Yes, That is absolutely correct

Thanks a lot for your Suggestions.
I follow these tips and update my all gig & Profile. Now i’m waiting for Level 1 which only 1 order away.
Thanks Again!

you have to be patient to work here
try sending buyers request