I'm new here and no one has shed light on one my gigs?


I opened an account in June 2016 and never really had used it until yesterday. I edited and organized my profile like I should and posted three gigs. I feel like I’ll be waiting months for my first $5, I shared my gigs on Twitter,Google +, and Facebook. I am very professionally at photoshop and filmmaking I also have a YouTube channel YouTube.co****
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What was your first time like? Are you currently successful? Or are you going through the same thing? Should I kill myself?


Definitely no need to consider killing yourself!

Have look around the forum, read http://fiverr.com/academy and have patience.

Look at the buyer requests to see if there’s anything that would be a good fit for your skills.


I was only kidding. But thanks for the tip!


It took me ages to get my first order. Share your gig with family members or people around you.


Everyone’s experience is different and it partly depends on whether your gigs are in over-populated categories. Which photoshop is, unfortunately. Read the forum, read the acadamy, read the blogs, listen to the podcasts. Make sure your primary image is stunning and really stands out in pages and pages of search results. Make special offers (cheap and quick) to entice your first buyers.
And good luck.


Alright thanks, I’ll see what I can do.


Hey there,

I’ve been selling on Fiverr seriously for about a month and I’ve cleared nearly $2,000 total so hopefully I can shed some light here.

My best advice for you is to research something called sales funnels (I’m a certified internet marketer and Funnelhacker). Essentially your gig page is a miniature sales funnel and needs to be optimized as such. Make sure you lay out your written content in an easy to read to format. Have headlines, and use bold text or etc to highlight important info.

Look up how to write sales copy to research how to better lay out your written content. Also I highly recommend a professional video for your gig. If you can’t do that then your Gig image needs to portray your service and look extremely professional. Look at other gigs in your category and look at what they are doing. It should give you some insights on how to better optimize your gig for sales.

Hope this helps!


Also another good tip someone said on here was to offer good packages. When I first started I provided 10 Business Names with .com Availability and trademark Check with 24 hour delivery for $5.

I got orders and good reviews under my belt and then gradually increased the price. Now I offer 5 Names with .com and trademark Availability and I get orders daily. That’s with 4 day delivery and at $50.

At first it’s frustrating and may not seem like it is worth your time but if you want to initiate those first few orders offer something crazy that they can’t refuse. Use the 24 hour delivery to your advantage. People use the search filter for 24 hour delivery if they are in a rush.

Wish you the best!


That is very helpful, I think I know what to do now. Thank you!